Beesus & Neeva at Potemkin Bar

Beesus & Neeva at Potemkin Bar
Donnerstag | 15. März 2018 | 21:00 Uhr

Beesus are a four piece rock band from Rome-Italy.
Born and raised in the Eternal City, their music swims through underground genres such as garage, lo-fi, grunge, stoner, doom and psychedelia.
Their activity starts in 2010.
After a two years stop between 2012 and 2014 they rejoin in 2015 and release the debut album “The Rise of Beesus”, self produced and out for New Sonic Records and Goodfellas.
In January 2016 starts “The Rise of Beesus European Tour” which leads the band to play sixtyfive shows across nine countries (Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Italy) and also gives them the chance to play the fabulous Duna Jam.
Everything is self-organized and after the second leg of the tour (Rome-Berlin-Copenhagen-Hamburg-Rome, done with a 2003 Fiat Panda) Noisey Italy notices them and publishes an entire interview online.
Many other fanzines and webzines appreciate the sound and the attitude of the band, but the real strength of Beesus is the live set: energetic, loud, sweat and fun.
Planned for Q1-2018, the release of the second album, Sgt. Beesus & The Lonely Ass Gangbang raised with the fan funds.

“you’re like a week of Sonic Youth”
“50% Fugazi, 50% Doom, 100% Fugazoom!”

Neeva is a two-piece instrumental band from Dortmund/Germany.

Der Eintritt ist wie immer auf Spende – vorgeschlagene Spendenbasis: 5€ – das Geld geht zu 100% an die Bands.