Them Moose Rush + Atom Womb at Potemkin Bar

Them Moose Rush + Atom Womb at Potemkin Bar
Dienstag | 16. April 2019 | 20:30 Uhr

Schon 2016 waren Them Moose Rush bei Krach am Bach eingeladen und rissen die Zuschauer mit ihrem ausgetüftelten Sound, Songwriting und Peformance vom Hocker!
Mit Kombinationen aus Retro und modernen Sounds, immer neuen ideen sowie verrückten Jams, zleberieren die drei aus Kroatien stammenden Herren ihren Sound, der sich im Konglomerat von Prog, Noise und Rock bewegt. – Verrückt, unkonventionell, aber immer auf den Punkt gespielt!
Als Support wird das Duo Atom Womb aus Wien an den Start gehen – Noise, Post-Stoner, Psych Punk hat man sich auf die Fahne geschrieben!

// Them Moose Rush (bjevolar, croatia)
prog / noise / rock

“Them Moose Rush might be one of the most promising and artistically rich bands in prog rock since The Mars Volta.” Everything is Noise

Hailing from Croatia, Them Moose Rush are a progressive rock band unlike any other. The trio have always done things for themselves, and in doing so, done it all inimitably. From directing their own music videos to producing their own photographs, the band even has a penchant for hiding cyphers in songs via Morse codes on keyboards messages or making symmetrical song parts which sound the same if played backwards. And away from the devil in the detail, they simply rock harder and faster than anyone else.

From lead singer Nikola Runjavec’s devastating vocal range, spanning a sonic spectrum that takes in Robert Plant, Cedric Bixler-Zavala & Jack White, to bass player Branimir Kuruc and drummer Vedran Marinko Komlen’s tight ship of a rhythm section, TMR is a progressive, space-fuelled majesty of electric alt-rock and Machina melody.

Combining vintage vibes which play dutifully with the blues and heavy rock, their approach to song writing and production bursts with innovation. Their second full-length album Don’t Pick Your Noise (2018) pushes riff after riff in an attempt to challenge listeners’ perceptions of what a rock and roll trio is truly capable of. Following their debut the band released two EPs that quickly helped establish them as live fixtures on the European festival and tour circuit, performing at Eurosonic Showcase (Holland), Europavox (France), INmusic (Croatia), Krach Am Bach festival (Germany), sharing the stage with big bands like QOTSA, The Black Keys, Pixies, Colour Haze, The Vintage Caravan and Mars Red Sky.

► Them Moose Rush – Dumadu Honey [VIDEO]
►Them Moose Rush – Sand (Live) INmusic festival 2017
►Them Moose Rush – Don’t Pick Your Noise [FULL ALBUM]

// Atom Womb (Vienna, Austria)
post stoner / psych punk

Luke and Xavi met for the first time at a jam session in Lower Austria and immediately connected. Xavi has been playing for years in the heart of South America, Paraguay with his band ‚Fuzzkrank‘ and recently moved out to Vienna to make some music. Luke has been playing guitar for several years in his band ‚of like mind‘, bringing some fresh sound to the underground viennese local scene. But for this new project they have just one thing in mind. Play as loud as possible and have fun making some fuzz and noise!

►Atom Womb – Chica Saturno

Der Eintritt ist wie immer gegen Spende
– das Geld geht zu 100% an die Bands.

Was heute noch los ist...